How to buy

You can order products:
-  Completing an online order form
-  Nonstop by phone directly at the reception +421 903 777 561
-  Email:


1. When you buy in our online shop at  first time, then register. The next time you sign your purchase identification data.

2. Choose a specific product or group of products.

3. Click on the code symbol insert your chosen product to your shopping cart.

4. You will see a shopping cart - the product name, number of units (automatically displayed 1 piece) price.

5. If you want more than 1 piece in the "Number" enter your desired number of pieces of the product and click "Confirm change the number of pieces" (converted to price).

6. To continue with your purchase, click "Continue Shopping". You will be redirected to the page "Products". Locate another product that you want to order and repeat the procedure.

If you want a product taken from a shopping cart, click on on that item.

8. Cart Status You can check at any time by clicking on "My Basket"

9. If you want the products in your shopping cart to purchase, click on "Order".

10. Displays the order form (the choice of method of payment and delivery) to complete. For positive equipment orders must be filled in the form all fields marked with a red triangle.

11. Click "Next" to view a list of products that you order, your contact details and payment method of transport that you choose. The findings of any error correction is possible by clicking on the "Back". Send your order by clicking on "Order".

12. Shipping and handling charge is 22 EUR.

13. After submitting the order will automatically send a confirmation mail to your e-mail address you provided in the order form.

14. The order can be lifted until 1 hour after its departure (by phone or mail). In case of cancellation of orders after payment is made (via the Internet) will be refunded payment (less processing fee) to the account from which it was made.

If we receive your order during the working day to 14.00, it will be processed and sent on the same day. If the order is received after 14:00, it will be sent the next working day.
Delivery usually takes about 14 working days.